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TV Characters 100

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A TV character centered icontest
Welcome to tvcharacters100 . This community's mod is kazmack . Here you pick a tv character of your choice then make either 50 or 100 icons of them.

[x] First and foremost, join the comm XD.
[x] Head over to the CLAIMS LIST and make your claim.
[x] If you want to do 100 icons, you have 12 weeks to complete your challenge. Half icons, half time (50 icons in six weeks).
[x] You are allowed to have more than one claim. Click HERE for more info on that.
[x] To prevent fake claims, you will need to post your first batch of icons within two weeks.
[x] If a character is taken, then you can put a claim in to get the character when the person who has claimed it has finished. Until then you are welcome to do another claim while you wait.
[x] You don't need to post all of your icons at once; it can be separated into different posts.
[x] Themes aren't required (they're really there for you when you get stuck), but they'd be nice: they're a chance to see interpretations on a common ground.
[x] You also don't need to post the icons in this comm; a fake cut is fine. But please, for all that is sacred, make sure that the post you fake cut to is not friendslocked Oh, and let us know that it's a fake cut.
[x] The icons should be freshly made for this challenge. Old icons just aren't as fun as shiny new ones.
[x] Extensions will be granted on a case by case basis.
[x] Once you finish, and have your sanity back, head over to the HALL OF FAME.
[x] Any other questions can be found on the FAQs.
oh.. and a big one..
[x] If you make any icons with any possible spoilers, please please please put a spoiler warning. A spoiler is anything that would give away the storyline (character deaths, weddings, etc).
[x] These don't need to be literal interpretations: if red stands for anger as well as the actual color, more power to you

[x] The quotes/lyrics don't need to be legible: tiny text is fine.

[x] Don't reuse themes; 100 "cherish" icons would just be boring.


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